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Lack of manpower in aircraft maintenance

Last updated on December 3, 2020

During the last few years, the aviation MRO industry was affected by a huge lack of manpower. That trend is continuing and becoming worse every day.
It’s not only that the problem is in finding people willing to work, even bigger problem is to find highly skilled professionals.

What is going on?

In the last 10 years aviation industry was growing much faster than ever and the need for new positions as well. The number of aircraft has raised by 50% and their usage has also raised for 30%, so the need for its maintenance almost doubled. As standard in aviation is higher then in other industries, the aim of experienced stuff has also doubled. MRO industry is growing so quickly that it can not maintain itself with an appropriate number of staff needed for smooth operations and therefore many started pushing their manpower over the standard working norms. But it was only temporary so they could buy time to find a better solution. Now it came to the point when some other actions are required to keep the step with industry needs.

What is a solution for that?

The aviation industry is growing faster than ever and it will double in the next 20 years, so for everyone looking for an exciting job, this is an industry to go for.
Technologies that are used in aviation nowadays are spreading in all areas so everybody can find attractiveness in it.

In order to keep this problem under control, companies will have to start campaigns for the education of young people about beauty and possibilities that aircraft mechanics have in their carrier as well as the attractive salary that is growing every year and that will start growing even faster on the beginning of next decade.
The offering of attractive salaries is also highly important, as a job of aircraft mechanics directly affect the safety of air traffic.

What is a long-time solution for it?

Any way, Boeing‘s analyses tell us that in the next decade the world is going to need over 30.000 new mechanics every year that is more then double then what we are getting now.

This gives us the warning to start making a different plan for attracting young people to work in the aviation maintenance industry. MRO should focus on making more flexible plans and grow up the standard of its workers so they would be supported to stay working and to express their satisfaction to their community.

Aircraft maintenance is a stressful environment so young people hesitate from joining it. Very soon it will get even harder to attract new mechanics and engineers to work in this area. Also, expanses are getting even higher, which is good for new personnel but it could be deadly for maintenance organizations on long runs.
Aircraft mechanics job opportunities are rising every day so to keep what you already have is going to be hard.
My suggestion is to make plans for all kind of staff that will include attractive salaries, good shift pattern, flexible working hours, and even relocation packages for those who wish. The solution is to spread your opportunities to those from other parts of the world to join you and to be happy with other conditions as well. Make a multicultural environment so anyone would wish to join your company and support your ideas.
Aircraft mechanic jobs are not only jobs anymore, but it also came to the point where it has to be a way of living, it came to the point when it has to be a wealthy way of living for anyone.