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    This is a bit of a short story, but I find it quite funny.

    When I first started as an aircraft fueler, I had a “new guy prank” pulled on me.

    Basically, they sent me to fuel a plane by myself for the first time.

    After I was done, they said “Wait, which truck did you use? Number 1 or number 3?”
    I replied, “Number 1. Why?”
    My manager responded with “That was the wrong truck!! That airplane has the wrong fuel on it! We need to get in touch with the tower to tell him not to take off!”
    I immediately start to panic and ask what I should do and the guys I was working with just started to laugh. I guess they could see the fear in my eyes.

    Not the best prank in the world, but I still laugh at the memory of it.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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